Sunday, July 12, 2009

iPhone 3GS is in Singapore now!

The launch for iPhone 3GS is here and begin from 10th (Fri) to 12th (Sun) of July. I booked mine 2 to 3 days before the launch and was looking forward to it. Collected mine on the 11th (Sat) of July yesterd. The queue was horribly long and I waited for like 2 hours outside the building queue and it wasn't the final queue!. Each customer were tagged with a colour tag. Mine was YELLOW. By the time I got into an aircon room, I thought the wait is over but guess what, it was not over. I have to wait for another 20 mins in there before the security asked us (in batch) to move another side of the building where there is another long queue formed. There was a big screen and the SGtel employee gave instructions what we were suppose to expect when we moved into the building on the right of the queue. Mein & Shawn were with me as well (poor thing). It was a long wait but of course there was balloons to distract Shawn from agitated and make noise. I asked Mein to go into the building first and wait for me inside so that Shawn is more comfortable. The SGtel employee told us that once we got into the building, we will be introduce some of the iPhone apps and will have to move into another section where they will promote their MIO tv. I am totally not interested in that and once I got in, I can't be bother to look at the apps or MIO tv but to look for Mein & Shawn.
The apps promo room and the MIO tv promo room is partitioned by curtain (those use in concert). And the entrance out from MIO tv promo room is block by another curtain. Mein, Shawn and I was waiting infront of the curtain and ready to move out when the curtain drawn is draw open. While waiting, a SGtel employee came talking to Mein and showing signs like turning left when the curtain is drawn open. Once the SGtel employee finished talking to her, I asked for information from Mein. Wow, parents with kid can bypass the super long queue and go to the 2nd floor of the building to get the iPhone. Cool...So, when the curtain is drawn, we walked out and saw another 15 to 20 more queues....fainted....but lucky me that Mein and Shawn was there...
We were ushered to the 2nd floor of the building and there was drink and food. least Shawn can eat something. We were attended quickly and application processing was on the way! Once my application is ready, the final queue...the cashier....ready to pay and GO...but guess what? The cashier was meddling with the application, running here and there looking for some codes, cannot find the phone plan value and looking for which credit card machines to use, thus ANOTHER LONG WAITED QUEUE. From the queue, I can see Shawn running around playing with other kids while Mein was following him from behind. I think waited for another 20 mins for that and paid for my items and off we go. Final stop was the accessories store where I got my casing and screen protector. After that, we went for some good food and all tired out by the time we got home.
I believe SGtel must be laughing now as more and more customers from M1 or Starhub have crossed over to SGtel.

Look at the queue in youtube!

Channel News Asia on iPhone launch:

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Smule Ocarina (5 stars out of 5)

Ocarina is an ancient flute-like wind instrument. While several variations exist, an ocarina is typified by an oval-shaped enclosed space with four to twelve finger holes and a mouth tube projecting out from the body. It is often ceramic, but many other materials, such as plastic, wood, glass and metal may also be used. (Definition from Wikipedia).

Now, you can have Ocarina in iPhone or iTouch 2nd generation. As you can see the above image has 4 circles and you can have 16 possible different finger-combinations available for you to play within each mode. You have to blow through the mic and pressed the circles to make ocarina sound and it is soothing.
It is easy to play and you can surf the song books from internet. Please click for more songs.
Definitely a cool apps to have and it is fun to learn how to play ocarina.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Post thru iPhone using Shozu

Posting this short text using the Shozu app. Testing 123...

Posted by ShoZu

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Cooking Mama (5 stars out of 5)

Alright, my follower (so far only one) ask review on girlie game. Only games I thought up is cooking mama. I am chef wannabe but can't make up to the mark. The only way is to show off my skills through the virtual world. Hehe..Anway, once the game got loaded up, you go straight to "Let's cook" option to go try out your skills.

There many recipes for you to choose in this game. I chosed to cook hamburger. What's got me to this game is that you are actually doing the same action as if you are cooking the real food and besides, you are govern by time. You don't have the luxury to wait and think what you need to do. In the real world too, you gonna messed up your food if you take your time. So, you have to act fast and be decisive. You cut the onions, chopped the onion, put the oil in the hot sizzling pan and move your pan around so that the oil cover the area of the pan.

As you can see the above pic, onion is cooked by move your iPhone up and down as if you are moving the pan. Once that's done, there a few more steps to do like mixing the dough for your hamburger bread, kneading the dough and flap the dough before baking it.

Finally, you need to cook the hamburger meat. There are things that you needed to do like turn on the fire to max and lower it as when needed, flip the meat, press the meat, put the ketchup into the meat and cook for a while before it is ready.

Once you are done with the cooking, you are scored. Not bad for first timer playing this game..haha..You can download this game in Apple Store. Have fun!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Doom Ressurection (5 stars out of 5)

id software company created the most famous game title "Doom". Back then (16 years ago), Doom game hit the store and quickly sold out. I got my copy and spent the whole day and night playing the game and that got me in trouble with my homeworks. I am a fan of Doom and followed the sequel like Doom 2 and Doom 3.

And here it is, Doom Ressurection in iPhone which you can download through Apple Store. Downloaded the software and that's like about 75Mb. Once done, I quickly launch the game and the good old id logo appear. Awesome! It has been a while I have not played any games from id software.

After a while, the game started to load.....loading..and loading...

The game load up pretty fast and in no time, you can see the main menu displayed. Ahh...It really resurrect my memories 16 years ago. In no time, I tap on the NEW GAME button to check out what it has got to offer!.

The 3D rendering is fast and graphics are awesome. Although, they are not comparable to xbox360 or PS3, it definitely can rival those in PSP. UI is simple and does not need an einstein brain to use it. As for shooting the zombie, you have use the accelerometer to manuever the target to aim it and tab at the shoot region which is located at the bottom right corner. Blood splurted out from the zombie as you shoot at the body...awesome...more blood the better it is...
Definitely a must for Doom fanatics!!

Shozu applications (4 stars out of 5)

For those who blogs a lot and always on the GO, Shozu will be a recommended iPhone apps for you. You can easily upload your photos and write comments and synced it to facebook, twitter, blogger and etc. It gots the rating for 4 stars and and it is FREE!! You can download it from Apple Store. Above is a video on how to use Shozu apps. Have fun!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

All about iPhone apps

This blog will be about iPhone apps programming, interesting apps review, hacking and many others. Stay tune.