Sunday, July 12, 2009

iPhone 3GS is in Singapore now!

The launch for iPhone 3GS is here and begin from 10th (Fri) to 12th (Sun) of July. I booked mine 2 to 3 days before the launch and was looking forward to it. Collected mine on the 11th (Sat) of July yesterd. The queue was horribly long and I waited for like 2 hours outside the building queue and it wasn't the final queue!. Each customer were tagged with a colour tag. Mine was YELLOW. By the time I got into an aircon room, I thought the wait is over but guess what, it was not over. I have to wait for another 20 mins in there before the security asked us (in batch) to move another side of the building where there is another long queue formed. There was a big screen and the SGtel employee gave instructions what we were suppose to expect when we moved into the building on the right of the queue. Mein & Shawn were with me as well (poor thing). It was a long wait but of course there was balloons to distract Shawn from agitated and make noise. I asked Mein to go into the building first and wait for me inside so that Shawn is more comfortable. The SGtel employee told us that once we got into the building, we will be introduce some of the iPhone apps and will have to move into another section where they will promote their MIO tv. I am totally not interested in that and once I got in, I can't be bother to look at the apps or MIO tv but to look for Mein & Shawn.
The apps promo room and the MIO tv promo room is partitioned by curtain (those use in concert). And the entrance out from MIO tv promo room is block by another curtain. Mein, Shawn and I was waiting infront of the curtain and ready to move out when the curtain drawn is draw open. While waiting, a SGtel employee came talking to Mein and showing signs like turning left when the curtain is drawn open. Once the SGtel employee finished talking to her, I asked for information from Mein. Wow, parents with kid can bypass the super long queue and go to the 2nd floor of the building to get the iPhone. Cool...So, when the curtain is drawn, we walked out and saw another 15 to 20 more queues....fainted....but lucky me that Mein and Shawn was there...
We were ushered to the 2nd floor of the building and there was drink and food. least Shawn can eat something. We were attended quickly and application processing was on the way! Once my application is ready, the final queue...the cashier....ready to pay and GO...but guess what? The cashier was meddling with the application, running here and there looking for some codes, cannot find the phone plan value and looking for which credit card machines to use, thus ANOTHER LONG WAITED QUEUE. From the queue, I can see Shawn running around playing with other kids while Mein was following him from behind. I think waited for another 20 mins for that and paid for my items and off we go. Final stop was the accessories store where I got my casing and screen protector. After that, we went for some good food and all tired out by the time we got home.
I believe SGtel must be laughing now as more and more customers from M1 or Starhub have crossed over to SGtel.

Look at the queue in youtube!

Channel News Asia on iPhone launch:

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  1. This is one reason why I am not getting my 3Gs from Singtel.. so full of sh*t..!! Haha..

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