Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Cooking Mama (5 stars out of 5)

Alright, my follower (so far only one) ask review on girlie game. Only games I thought up is cooking mama. I am chef wannabe but can't make up to the mark. The only way is to show off my skills through the virtual world. Hehe..Anway, once the game got loaded up, you go straight to "Let's cook" option to go try out your skills.

There many recipes for you to choose in this game. I chosed to cook hamburger. What's got me to this game is that you are actually doing the same action as if you are cooking the real food and besides, you are govern by time. You don't have the luxury to wait and think what you need to do. In the real world too, you gonna messed up your food if you take your time. So, you have to act fast and be decisive. You cut the onions, chopped the onion, put the oil in the hot sizzling pan and move your pan around so that the oil cover the area of the pan.

As you can see the above pic, onion is cooked by move your iPhone up and down as if you are moving the pan. Once that's done, there a few more steps to do like mixing the dough for your hamburger bread, kneading the dough and flap the dough before baking it.

Finally, you need to cook the hamburger meat. There are things that you needed to do like turn on the fire to max and lower it as when needed, flip the meat, press the meat, put the ketchup into the meat and cook for a while before it is ready.

Once you are done with the cooking, you are scored. Not bad for first timer playing this game..haha..You can download this game in Apple Store. Have fun!


  1. When u flip the hamburger meat, can you swing iphone up as if the meat is swing up into the air and down back on the pan?

  2. can try when you have your iPhone..Show me how you flip OK?